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USA - Latest News Headlines of the Day

The USS Thunderbolt was involved in an exercise with American and other vessels in the Gulf when the Iranian ship came within 150 yards.


A driver's dash cam captured the moment a trailer swerved across the road before tipping over. It blocked all lanes of the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey for several hours. No one was injured.


The couple abandoned their months-long legal battle to get permission to bring Charlie to the United States for experimental treatment.

An iman in California has delivered a sickening prayer calling for the annihilation of every Jew on Earth, The Daily Wire reports.

It is widely assumed that the final bill will be either a clean repeal with the goal of drafting a replacement later or a repeal plan that includes a replacement.


The meeting with a prominent Russian banker came to light in an 11-page statement Kushner issued this week defending his contacts with Russian officials.


The study has been held up as one reason for the continued distrust between the black community and health providers and medical researchers.


The late night host started throwing jabs Monday at the "lawyer whose ad is above the urinal" and new White House addition Anthony Scaramucci.


The actress, who chipped two teeth while filming her action movie, had a few people to thank at 'Atomic Blonde's U.S. premiere.

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough looked directly into the camera on Tuesday and told President Donald Trump to stop watching his show, because it was making him "act crazy."

Girl Scouts can now earn badges in designing robots and coding in addition to their legacy badges of first-aid and hiking.


Meyers took on the White House's new communications director on Monday night's "Closer Look" segment.


Tom Perrotta is the next author in our monthly series of Facebook Live chats. His new novel is called 'Mrs. Fletcher.'


A Maine business is offering free marijuana to people who clean up trash from the streets.


A petition in Bradenton, Fla., is calling for a Confederate memorial to be replaced with a statue of beloved Snooty the manatee, who died in a tragic tank accident.


For those of us driven by faith to help people less fortunate than ourselves, it is hard to watch programs changed in ways that hurt those in greatest need.


It would be highly unusual for an administration to investigate its former opponent in an election.


Can the Falcons finish the job this time around? Can the Patriots actually do a better job? Who's likely to vie for MVP? And much more.

Months of mass-transit breakdowns have done more than deepen the misery of New York City commuters.
Adan Lara Vega said he was told the $5,500 he was being charged to be smuggled into the United States would include an air-conditioned truck ride.
Authorities say a Florida was bitten several times by an alligator at a retention pond.News outlets report Frederic Iman was attacked Monday morning.

There is no way to sugarcoat it. Freedom not to have health insurance for some means the loss of freedom to have health insurance for others.


The last baby killer whale born at a SeaWorld park died Monday after suffering complications from an infection.


Of all the career-related mistakes you might make, prolonging a miserable job situation is perhaps the worst one possible.


The Arizona Republican, who is battling an aggressive form of cancer, said he would be back to work in the Senate.


Hilton Garden Inn to get a refresh


'Federalist' might be a winner. 'Constitutionalist' should also be on the table, although in the Twitter era, who can spare 17 characters?


A man who survived a journey across the Mexican border in the back of a tractor-trailer, where 10 were found dead in Texas, says there was no water or fresh air. He described the trailer being "full." (July 24)


Kors says that London-listed Jimmy Choo is “the ideal partner.”