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Action will be taken against the police officers involved in the alleged attempt to abduct Medical Faculty Students' Action Committee (MFSAC) convener Rayan Jayalath, if is is found that they had acted outside the provisions of the law, Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayake told Parliament today.

Foreign Affairs Minister Ravi Karunanayake walking in late for parliamentary sessions caused a stir in the House today.

The Police had asked motorists to keep clear of Lipton Circus at Town Hall and surrounding areas in Colombo following heavy traffic caused due to a protest march carried out by SAITM-Virodi Jana Pawra an anti – SAITM movement.

The Pivithuru Hela Urumaya (PHU) said today as the head of state, President Maithripala Sirisena should be fined for the increasing number of Dengue breeding grounds in the country.

The Cabinet today approved the proposal to lease out the Hambantota Port to China Merchants Company, Ports and Shipping Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said.  

Chinese President Xi Jinping and the British Queen's Representative to the Cook Islands Tom Marsters on Tuesday exchanged congratulatory messages to mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between their countries.
We Brits in France lost the Winter Fuel Allowance because French overseas territories like Reunion in the Indian Ocean were included in average temperatures. Will the UK Government reconsider?

The late night host started throwing jabs Monday at the "lawyer whose ad is above the urinal" and new White House addition Anthony Scaramucci.


A Guardian overview of the news events that have shaped the past year

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The actress, who chipped two teeth while filming her action movie, had a few people to thank at 'Atomic Blonde's U.S. premiere.


A day after ending five-month legal battle, Connie Yates asks court to decide where critically ill boy will spend final moments

Charlie Gard’s mother has returned to court to plead for him to be allowed to die at home, a day after she and her husband ended their opposition to the removal of their critically ill son’s life support system.

Charlie is expected to be removed from his ventilator at Great Ormond Street hospital in the next few days following his parents’ abandonment at an emotional high court hearing on Monday of their legal fight to be allowed to fly him to the US for experimental treatment.

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GMOA called off its strike a short while ago following a discussion held with the Law and Order Minister Sagala Rathnayaka.

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough looked directly into the camera on Tuesday and told President Donald Trump to stop watching his show, because it was making him "act crazy."

Ambassador of Myanmar to Nepal Lwin Oo and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Krishna Bahadur Mahara at the latters office on Tuesday, July 25, 2017. Photo: RSS

KATHMANDU: Ambassador of Myanmar to Nepal Lwin Oo called on Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Krishna Bahadur Mahara at the latter’s office on Tuesday.

During the meeting, various aspects of Nepal-Myanmar relations and cooperation were discussed. On the occasion, DPM Mahara said that the bilateral relations between the two countries based on friendship, collaboration and equality has been further strengthened by the shared reverence to Gautam Buddha and his ideals.

He expressed the confidence that the resumption of direct air link between the two countries would help promote Nepal-Myanmar tourism, while noting that matters of mutual interest and concern would be further expanded through the establishment of a bilateral consultative mechanism between the two countries.

In response, Ambassador Lwin said bilateral relations between the two countries have expanded to the people’s level, and noted that around 20 to 25 thousand tourists from Myanmar visit Nepal every year. The Ambassador also pledged to take the initiative to fulfil all the requirements necessary for the joint consultative mechanism.

Meanwhile, Head of delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Nepal Andre’ Paquet paid a courtesy call on Foreign Minister Mahara today.

Head of delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Andre’ Paquet and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Krishna Bahadur Mahara at the latters office on Tuesday, July 25, 2017. Photo: RSS

On the occasion, Paquet informed DPM Mahara about the regional conference on human rights and humanitarian law being held in Nepal from coming August 20 to 23.

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Girl Scouts can now earn badges in designing robots and coding in addition to their legacy badges of first-aid and hiking.


Meyers took on the White House's new communications director on Monday night's "Closer Look" segment.


Decision to build new electric model at Cowley eases fears that German carmaker would shift production outside UK after Brexit

A fully electric version of the Mini is to be built in the UK, giving a huge boost to the British car industry.

The move ends worries the new model could be made overseas after a warning earlier this year from German owner BMW that it may look outside the UK due to the uncertainties caused by Brexit.

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Labour leader among those voicing concern after Guardian revealed secretive world of privately owned public spaces in London

Jeremy Corbyn has called for Britain’s pseudo-public spaces to be reclaimed from corporate interests, after a Guardian Cities investigation revealed the extent to which private ownership and secretive rule-making now dominate many of London’s most prominent squares and parks.

The Labour leader added his voice to a growing chorus of concern from across the political spectrum after the Guardian found that the vast majority of landowners of pseudo-public space in the capital – open areas which look and feel like public space but are actually privately owned and subject to private restrictions – refused to divulge information about what citizens were allowed to do on their sites.

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Politicians and proletarians alike were glued to last night’s series finale. Channel that harmony and we can mend our ailing country

• Ayesha Hazarika was a senior Labour adviser and is now a political commentator

There was only one story in town this week. It wasn’t Brexit. It wasn’t Diana. It wasn’t even the never-ending car crash that is Donald Trump and his weird, creepy family. Having said that, is it just me, or does Jared Kushner look like he’s been cryogenically frozen in his freshman year? Jared, Madame Tussauds called. It needs its waxwork back.

But forget all that. This week, the only thing that mattered was the final of Love Island. The hit ITV 2 show has gripped the nation – including politicians and political commentators. Not since George Galloway donned a leotard, got on all fours and purred, “Shall I be the cat?” has there been so much interest in a reality television show.

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Six Special Task Force (STF) officers were hospitalized and a 17 year old youth  drowned when a tense situation erupted during a raid conducted in Karadiyanaru, Batticaloa last evening.

Analysis of inquiries to MoneySuperMarket found that 10% of applicants wanted to borrow more than their annual income

Households in the UK are increasingly relying on borrowed money with one in four people seeking a loan applying for at least half of their annual income, according to new figures that will add to worries about Britain’s mounting personal debt burden.

The latest evidence of a rise in borrowing to fund new car purchases, holidays and to help clear older debts follows a stark warning from the Bank of England that lenders offering money on easy terms risked sparking a fresh financial crisis. Banks, credit card companies and car loan providers could be dicing with a “spiral of complacency”, the Bank’s director for financial stability said on Monday.

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I was first prescribed depression medication five years ago and it’s now part of my self-care routine. It’s good for young people to take control of their mental health

I have been on the antidepressant citalopram for the best part of five years now – popping my pill is as much a part of my morning routine as brushing my teeth or drinking a cup of tea. I used to romanticise it, pretending the water I washed it down with was vodka. Nowadays, I think of it more as an important moment of self-care at the beginning of my day – part of how I have learned to take care of myself and my mental health.

I am also well aware that I am far from unusual. Last year, the NHS prescribed a record 64.7m items of antidepressants in England. I can see this propensity to prescribe everywhere: I know more people who are on antidepressants than those who aren’t.

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"Faxian" aboard Chinese research vessel "Kexue" conducted an operation to detect a cold seep in the South China Sea and collected lots of biological samples such as shrimps and shells.
Those found to have vandalized rental bikes will be banned from using the service, as Chinese city Wuhan goes harsh on offenders.
China's central government has increased recovery fund for natural disasters this year, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said Tuesday.

The gazette notification extending the term of the Presidential Commission to investigate and inquire into the Issuance of Treasury Bonds by three months would be issued today, the Government Printers sources said.

Chessington World of Adventures says five adult and three infant Humboldt penguins died when fox got into their enclosure

Eight penguins were killed by a fox at Chessington World of Adventures after it broke into their water enclosure.

Staff at the park say the attack involved five adult and three infant Humboldt penguins, blaming an urban fox for the killings. A ninth penguin at the Surrey resort was also injured.

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